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Dianna Jacobs Our Nightmares November 23, 2007

I did not realize that you and I both found our children, I finding my duaghter,

my Kanda drowned in her bath tub, later ruled due to a seizure which I

found out later, was brought on from the diet pills she had taken off and on,

Stakers with ephedra. I, too had taken diet pills with ephedra and did not

even know what  that herb was until I lost my daughter, and ephedra

is back on the market after being banned for awhile. My daughter never

had seizures until she took ephedra and would not go to a speicalist, my

guilt that I did not push her harder.


My heart goes out to you, Mom of Brandon, you and I both held our

children in our arms, after they had left this earth. I have always

felt it was meant for me to find my daughter, my best friend. I cradled

around her as I had sat her up in the tub as she and I waited for

the ambulance. I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed her face,

she was as cold as ice, the water had been running for hours. I just

leaned over her and rocked back and forth with her, my last time to

hold her/4/13/04 around 5:30PM


Feel free to email me anytime at as I lost my

daughter 3 years prior to your Brandon and in the same month.  April is

tough for both of us and our families and I used to love the Spring of the year.


Hugs and more hugs again


Kanda's Mom4ever

Dianna Jacobs My Blessings November 22, 2007

Thank you for allowing me to add Brandon's precious Memorial Website, not

only in our local bereavement website, but also in my daughter, Kanda's Memorial



I remember my first year, walking that bumpy road of grief, still not

believing I no longer had my daughter, my best friend, in my life and

now April 13, 2008 will be the 4th anniversary.  I can't believe I have

managed to go on, but we do, we just do, maybe for our precious

children. Kanda was 5 weeks from her 31st birthday, divorced, had

miscarried twice while married. I like to think she is with her babies.


I will be thinking of you this coming April as you are at the 1st anniversary

of the loss, your precious Brandon.


My deepest condolences, I know your pain, I know your pain.

My biggest hugs to you and family


Kanda's Mom4ever


I love the song playing, "I Believe"    Sometime, I know I can feel Kanda

near, there are signs, we just have to look for them, our loved ones

are with us all the time.


Blessings and more Blessings



Forever Loving You - Mom First Heavenly Thanksgiving November 22, 2007

Brandon - Thinking of you my Sweet Angel and Missing you so very much on your first Thanksgiving in Heaven. I am forever Thankful to be your Mom. I Love you so much Honey and miss you more with each passing day.  Today I am Thankful for the time I was blessed to have you here with me (our time together was so short - but even a million years would not have been enough for me). I am Thankful for the special and loving bond we share and for the Heavenly Signs you send me. Today I am also Thankful for being one day closer to being with you again.
I Miss You and Love You Bigger than the World and with All My Heart Brandon.

Forever Loving and Missing you - Mom, XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Sally Fidler Thinking of you November 20, 2007

Thinking of you, thought I'd get to know Brandon a little better, he's a handsome guy.  You have put together a beautiful memorial for him.  I love that he named his cat after himself!!!


your friend Sally (GM)

Forever Brandon's Mom The Holiday Army November 17, 2007

The Holiday Army Written By Andrea Gambill

Here it comes again — the Holiday Army — in its annual march. Some of its generals are called "Thanksgiving," "Christmas," "Hanukah," "New Year’s Eve"
and "New Year’s Day." They are no respecters of the heartbroken and emotionally wounded, and their troops are merciless. They take no prisoners! They demand that we participate in their joy and nostalgia or they will mow us down with their militant tanks of holiday spirit.

Sometimes they declare their war on us openly — without shame or remorse.
Sometimes, they wait for us in ambush. Their intelligence operators have been
working diligently all year, waiting for the Thanksgiving Day (or sometimes
Halloween!) trumpet signal to begin their attack. They just don’t seem satisfied
to have their celebrations and parties and dinners and festivities unless they
can recruit ALL of us into their ranks.

Actually, we wish them well. All we really want is for them to leave us alone
and let us mourn in peace and quiet. We prefer our “Silent Nights” to their
“Deck the Halls” and Jingle Bells.” We don’t intentionally spoil their fun, it’s
just that our pain makes them uncomfortable. They’ve been conditioned to believe that “The Holiday Season” should have no blemish of suffering or lack of
frivolity. We must not only bandage our wounds while in their presence, but
cover them with taffeta and sequins besides. They are convinced that all we need is to “put on a happy face” and all our sorrows will magically evaporate.

In their mad pursuit of happiness, they shoot us with the bullets of shopping,
piped-in music, special holiday foods and fragrances, gift wrapping, decorations
(especially the angels!), joyous children with happy smiles, cards, invitations,
parties and gift exchanges. Any other time of the year, snow is considered a
nuisance to shovel and plow through. At the holiday season, though, it is touted
as romantic and is linked to sleighs and starry nights in front of fireplaces,
snuggled close to those we love.

The most devastating bombs they drop into our lives are the images of reunion — times of greeting and hugging folks who are much loved and sometimes not often seen for awhile. They may only be separated by geography; our absent loved ones cannot cross the chasm of loss that looms before our tear-filled eyes. They remind us of things we should be thankful for (and we are more thankful for many of those things than they can ever imagine). They prod us with their spears of delightful togetherness, never realizing that what they celebrate is what we cannot now enjoy. We would not dream of attacking them in these battles for holiday survival. With our noses pressed against the glass that divides us, we actually long to be able to be part of their happiness. We remember the times we joined in their fun and we, too, were part of their army of nostalgia and joy.

Our broken hearts and bleeding wounds do not excuse us from being gracious,
however. While grief does not give us permission to be rude and selfish, and we
take no overt action against their aggression, we are not without defenses in
these battles. We can shield ourselves with the armor of dignity with kind but
direct and simple explanations: “We understand your need for celebration, but
this year we prefer quiet and private reflection and meditation.” “Right now
it’s hard for us to function in large groups and to appreciate laughter and high
spirits.” “Our energy is so limited; we’d appreciate some quiet one-on-one time
with you in a more spiritual atmosphere.” We can gently remind them of how
important it is for us to remember those we love who are gone. These are
statements that clarify our position without judging or criticizing them for
theirs. In kind and non-threatening ways, we need to tell them what’s good for
us, because they won’t think of it on their own, and they can use the education.

We also can exercise the muscles of our sense of humor. It will take some effort
on our part, but so does anything that is worthwhile and good for us. We can
teach ourselves not to fall into the trap of thinking that our grief makes us
the center of the universe. We can limit our demands that others treat us in
“special” and “deferential” ways because of our pain. We can cut them a little
slack and remember that once upon a time, we were just like they are now. It’s
good and healthy for us to review our perspectives now and then and decide if
we’re being fair and reasonable.

We can express our love in simple and unhurried ways without all the frenetic,
expensive and often hysterical hype that the holidays can generate. And we must
exercise the expression of our love. Grief does not rob us of our ability to
love; it reminds us ever more dramatically of our need to both give and receive
love while we are here.

Whenever we can take some control in our situations, we empower ourselves, and then we feel less like victims in what seems like a war of “peace on earth,
goodwill toward men.” Anytime we can educate and inform with mercy and
compassion, we have given a truly spiritual holiday gift of love that will keep
on giving forever.

May your season be filled with genuine blessings of peace

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo REMEMBERING BRANDON TYLER November 10, 2007



Our lives go on without you

But nothing is the same,

We have to hide our heartaches

When someone speaks your name.

Sad are the hearts that love you

Silent the tears that fall,

Living our hearts without you

Is the hardest part of all.

You did so many things for us

Your heart was kind and true,

And when we needed someone

We could always count on you,

The special years will not return

When we were all together,

But with the love within our hearts

You will walk with us forever.


Brandon, we know that even though you are not here with us physically you will forever be with us spiritually. Your strong spirit and your everlasting love will always remain deep within our hearts and souls. I believe that you will come to each and every one of us who love you and let us know that your ok in Paradise. I wrote to Aunt Pearl in her memorial site and asked her, Uncle Phil, Grandma and Grandpa to watch over you. I'm sure that your reunion with them was very special. It brings us comfort Brandon, knowing that they all are with you in Heaven, and that you are not alone. They love you as much as we do. We miss you very much. Our lives are forever changed and we all are trying to figure out how to accept the reality that we will never be able to wrap our arms around you or kiss your sweet face again. Our hearts ache like never before. So much to try to understand.  It is still uncomprehendable why God called you home when he did. We will always struggle to understand that. We are so sorry that the healthcare system failed you as they did. We hope that all the healthcare professionals that failed you know who they are and some how pay for what they did to you. You were an inspirational young man who had so much to live for. You were always such a hard worker and were so proud of all the things that you worked so hard to get. You were always so respectful and kind. We will always be very proud to call you our Nephew. Your Mom has told us about the signs that you have sent to her. It is very heartwarming to hear that you visit with her. Continue to send your Mom signs. Whisper in her ear that you are with her always, for you live within her heart!


Thinking of you daily,

with smiles on our faces~

and tears in our hearts.


Remembering you always with love,

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Nancy I'm just so sorry. November 10, 2007

Sandy, I am just so sorry that this life is full of so much pain. It is full of so much good too. Someone once said, maybe when I stand before the Lord I will ask him WHY??? But then again I may be in such shock that I made it there, I'd forget to ask. I pray that you are able to move forward and carry his love in your heart knowing you will be together someday soon. Remember a day in heaven is like a thousand years down here. He may just be beginning his journey in a place our minds can not imagine. He lives in a place of no pain and for that I am thankful. Its just so hard here without him. But I know you will make him proud.


Rita Josh's mom GP Thinking of you and Brandon November 9, 2007


I know the pain of loss for a child. It is the most devasting of all losses. Know that God is still on the Throne.


Love you both,

God bless

Rita and Josh

Forever Brandon's Mom Brandon's Welcome Home November 9, 2007


I am left alone, crying for my Son, trying to understand why GOD called him home to Heaven, didn't he know I needed my son here with me?


Forever Brandon's Mom I'm trying to understand November 9, 2007

Brandon - Please tell him that I am trying to understand ... but it's hard 'cause I miss you so.


God Said If you never felt pain, then how would you know that I'm a Healer. If you never went through difficulties, how would you know that I'm a Deliverer. If you never had a trial, how could you call yourself an over comer. If you never felt sadness, how would you know that I'm a Comforter. If you never made a mistake, how would you know that I'm a Forgiver. If you knew all, how would you know that I will answer your questions. If you were never in trouble, how would you know that I will come to your rescue. If you were never broken, then how would you know that I can make you whole. If you never had a problem, how would you know that I can solve them. If you never had any suffering, how would you know what Jesus went through. If you never went through the fire, how would you become pure. If I gave you all things, how would you appreciate them. If I never corrected you, how would you know I love you. If you had all the power, how would you learn to depend on me. If your life were perfect, what would you need Me for?

Author Unknown

Shelly Coufal Craigs Mom November 8, 2007
This is a beautiful tribute to Brandon, i am so sorry for your loss, May God Bless you ! Love shelly coufal ( Craigs MOM)
Forever Loving You - Mom Tidal Waves of Grief November 8, 2007



Arlene Thought for you and Brandon November 5, 2007

I am so sorry for your great loss.  Brandon is such a handsome young man.

May the memories of the years you shared with him bring some comfort to

your broken heart.  May God bless you with His strength as you journey

this road of grief. 


Jean, John's mom My prayer for you November 4, 2007
Jackie (Damo's Mom) Sandy My Heart Is With You November 1, 2007


My name is Jackie Ryan. I live in San Diego. Damo was my only child and I know how you feel. It is like life is not worth living. I live now to keep my son's memory alive as I know you do for Brandon. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need help. It is horrible to know that they are gone, and to hear from everyone that God had a plan.

God Bless you and your angel



Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo Footprints In The Sand October 25, 2007

One night a man had a dream.
He dreamed he was walking
along the beach with the Lord.
Across the sky flashed scenes
from his life,
for each scene,
he noticed two sets of footprints
in the sand, one belonging to him
the other to the Lord.
When the last scene of his life
flashed before him,
he looked back at the footprints in the sand.
He noticed that many times
along the path of his life
there were only one set of footprints.
He also noticed that it happened
at the very lowest
and saddest times in his life.

This really bothered him
and he questioned the Lord about it.
"Lord, you said that once I decided
to follow you,
you would walk with me all the way.
But I have noticed
that during the most troublesome times
in my life there is only one set of footprints.
I do not understand why when I needed you most
you would leave me?"

The Lord replied
"My precious child, I love you and
I would never leave you.
During your times of trial and suffering
when you see only one set of footprints
it was then that I carried you."

Rest In Peace Sweet Angel. We Love and Miss you so very much Brandon!

Thinking of you daily

with smiles on our faces~

and tears in our hearts

Forever Loving You - Mom Happy Halloween Sweetie October 25, 2007
'm so sorry your son Brandon went to heaven so soon. My son ( Javarus McCormick) was 17 when God called him home in 2005. The pain is so unreal and I don't think our lives will ever be the same. Since our sons loved scooby doo so much we can laugh about them joking around about their love of scooby. I will keep you in my thought and prayers. Angela mom of a sweet heart named Javarus McCormick,
Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo REMEMBERING BRANDON TYLER October 16, 2007

"Those we love remain with us, for love itself lives on.
And cherished memories never fade because a loved one is gone.
Those we love can never be more that a thought apart.
For as long as there is a memory, They'll live on in the heart"

Brandon- You and your Mom are in our thoughts and prayers daily. This has been the most difficult road that we have ever traveled in our lives. Our hearts ache as we continue our journey through life without you. We will always carry you deep within our hearts, and feel your warm spirit inside us. You will be with us always. You inspired us so much. You were always so warm, gentle, and kind. You were a very hard working man. We always respected you for that. We are so very proud to call you our nephew! God Bless you sweet angel...Rest in peace.....We love and miss you so very much! 

Forever Brandon's Mom ""WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR"" October 14, 2007

Written by:

Elaine Grier, TCF Atlanta, Ga





Every time I am in a group of bereaved parents, 

I hear people say things like,

"I wish my child hadn't died" or

"I wish I had him back."

Those wishes, unfortunately, can never come true.

Another wish I hear is

"I wish my friends (or church, or neighbors, or relatives)

understood what I am going through  and were more supportive."

 This is a wish that has some possibility of coming true if we are

 able to be honest and assertive with the people around us.

What do we wish others understood about the loss of our child?

Here is a partial list of such wishes:


1. I wish you would not be afraid to speak

my child's name. My child

lived and was important and

I need to hear his name.


2. If I cry or get emotional if

we talk about my child,

I wish you

knew that it isn't because you have hurt me;

the fact that my child

died has caused my tears.

You have allowed me to cry and

thank you.

Crying and emotional outbursts are healing.


 3. I wish you wouldn't "kill" my child

again by removing from your

home his pictures, artwork, or other



 4. I will have emotional

highs and lows, ups and downs.

I wish you

wouldn't think that if I have a good day

my grief is all over, or

that if I have a bad day

 I need psychiatric counseling.


 5. I wish you knew that the

death of a child

 is different from other

losses and must be viewed separately.

 It is the ultimate tragedy and

I wish you wouldn't compare it to

 your loss of a parent, a spouse, or

a pet.


 6. Being a bereaved parent is not contagious,

so I wish you wouldn't

shy away from me.


 7. I wish you knew all of the


grief reactions that I am

having are in fact very normal.

 Depression, anger, frustration,


and the questioning of

values and beliefs are to be

expected following the

death of a child.


 8. I wish you wouldn't expect my

grief to be over in six months.


first few years are going to be

exceedingly traumatic for us.

 As with


 I will never be "cured" or a "former bereaved parent",

but will forevermore be a

"recovering bereaved parent".



9. I wish you understood the

physical reactions to grief.

I may gain

weight or lose weight,

 sleep all the time or not at all, develop a

host of illnesses and be accident-prone,

all of which may be related

to my grief.


10. Our child's birthday,

the anniversary of his death, and holidays

are a terrible times for us.

I wish you would tell us that you are

thinking about our child on these days,

and if we get quiet and

withdrawn, just know

that we are thinking about our child and don't

try to coerce us into being



 11. It is normal and good that most of us

 re-examine our faith,

values, and beliefs after losing a child.

We will question things we

have been taught all our lives

and hopefully come to some new

understanding with our God.

I wish you would let me

tangle with my

religion without making me feel guilty.



12. I wish you wouldn't offer me drinks or drugs.

These are just

temporary crutches, and the only way

I can get through this grief is

to experience it.

I have to hurt before I can heal.


13. I wish you understood that grief changes people.

I am not the

same person I was before my child died

and I never will be that

person again.

If you keep waiting for me to

"get back to my old

self ",

you will stay frustrated. I am a

new creature with new

thoughts, dreams, aspirations, values and beliefs.

Please try to get

to know the new me - -

maybe you'll still like me..


Aunt Sheryl REMEMBERING BRANDON TYLER October 10, 2007


When those we love go away, they never really leave us;
they are with us now, wherever we are.
Those whom we have cherished, live on forever,
for love wraps itself around the heart.
Although it's difficult now,
someday beyond our tears and all the world's wrongs;
beyond the clouds and all that we can see and touch,
we shall all understand


Brandon- All of your Family Love and Miss YOU Very Much!!!  We continue to struggle everyday with the reality that we will never be able to kiss your handsome face or hear your sweet voice again. We speak of you often and look at your pictures daily. I have your pictures hung on the cabinets at my desk. I have always had yours, Jessica's and Jason's pictures hung at work for all my co-workers to see. I also have pictures of Gabrielle, Bree, and Meg hung up too. I have always been proud of all of all of you.  We talk about you with the girls all the time. We want them to know and remember what a truely AWESOME Cousin and Godfather you always were. Meg has even talked to you on her cell phone. One day I overheard her talking. I asked her who she was speaking to. She said "To Brandon In Heaven". It was a precious moment. Meg looks up into the sky and say's "Brandon lives up there". She is going to be 4 going on 24 this December. You always knew how to make the girls laugh and smile. They are all getting so big. Gabby's 7th Birthday is this Friday. We will be Celebrating it on Saturday. We know that you will be there with us in Spirit, as you are everyday of our lives. We Love and Miss YOU so very much. REST IN PEACE SWEET ANGEL!

Karen Jenkins Mother of an Angel October 6, 2007

May God bless and comfort you always for the pain and sorrow you have to

experience.  May He grant to you some peace of mind and heart.  We walk

a long, torturous, painful, gaping road of sorrow and pain for our Angels.

Forever Your Loving Mom 6 Month Angel Day September 30, 2007

In Loving Memory of my Son

Brandon Tyler Beshada

03/21/82 - 04/01/07

A Mother's Love is Larger than Life

Many People Dream of Angels

I hold one in my Heart

Brandon my Sweet Angel,

For 9 months I carried you under my heart, for 25 years and 10 days I loved you with all my heart, 183 days ago you received your Angel Wings, now I forever hold you in my heart.


You are in my dreams every day and every night.

I LOVE YOU and MISS YOU more with each passing day.

Forever Loving and Missing you Brandon - MOM

Jessica Cruz Heartfelt understanding September 28, 2007
I am so sorry for your loss of your handsome son Brandon. Losing a child is like no other pain and I understand completly how you feel. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts.
Natalie For Brandon September 28, 2007


Please surround your mom in your loving embrace and bring her some peace. Send her lots of signs letting her know that you are near. Allow her to feel your kiss on her cheek as you kiss away her tear. She will miss and remember you with pride and grace. Let her know that you are in a glorious place.


I am keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers as you travel along this journey to the end without your precious son.


Forever Your Loving Mom Butterfly Chrysalis September 15, 2007
My Sweet Brandon - You always brought me the most spectacular heart felt gifts but this most recent one is unbelievable.  When I asked you each day to send me a sign that you were ok in the form of a butterfly I never imagined I would receive the ultimate butterfly gift - the chance to see the actual birth of a butterfly. When I first found the chrysalis I didn't even know what it was, just that it was beautiful and something I wanted to keep - when I learned it was a Monarch butterfly cocoon I could not believe it.  I have been watching it each day and tonight I can actually see the beautiful orange and black wings thru the now thin shell - any time now a beautiful butterfly will emerge and it will restore my faith that you, like the caterpillar before, did not die but in fact live on.  I thank you so very much for sending me this beautiful gift, perhaps for my birthday?  You are and will always be my amazingly loving son.  I miss you and love you more than words can say baby.
Forever Your Loving Mom Missing you so, so much September 2, 2007

Brandon, my Sweet Angel - Oh how I miss you. Each day gets harder and harder to face without you here. Today is an especially hard day for me - my first birthday without you. You always made it your mission to make it a special day for me, even when you lived away from home. Like last year when, although you did not feel well,  you drove all day to surprise me and that you did, arriving with a beautiful card and 2 dozen roses. We didn't get much sleep those 3 days you were there - instead we stayed up all night playing games and talking - Oh, how I miss those nights with you when we would stay up all night.  Those were the nights when we both seemed most relaxed and able to talk about anything and everything. We both knew we could share and tell the other anything, good or bad, without judgement. You were my rock baby and will forever be my Loving Son and my Best Friend.


I miss you terribly and love you so very much.

Always and Forever your Loving Mom - XO

Forever Brandon's Mom The day God took you July 28, 2007
On the day God took you
I thought that I would die
I wondered where the time went?
I asked a lot of why??
with people all around me
I felt alone inside
from all their words of comfort,
I couldn't seem to hide,
I thought I might be dreaming
that I'd wake and find you here,
I thought "this can't be happening".
as I wiped another tear.
On the day that you were laid to rest
my heart broke yet again.
I wondered if the pain will end,
but mostly, I wondered when??
I's hard to be without you,
at times the day seems long,
sometimes I just sit crying
when there is nothing wrong.
I wish I had more time
before your life was done,
I hope your resting peacefully Brandon,
My precious one.
Forever Brandon's Mom I Still Feel your Love July 28, 2007
I Still Feel Your Love

I know you’re gone from this earth
You left me way too soon
But I feel your love every time
I gaze up at the moon.
Sometimes I think I hear
A whisper in the wind
It sounds as if you’ve called my name
As your love to me you send.
Sometimes I do a silly thing
And your laughter fills my ears
I know you’re right here with me
But I can’t see you through my tears.
I felt your hand upon my shoulder
And I quickly turned to see
Visible... you were not
But I know you’re here with me.
In the night you sometime come
To visit in my dreams
My hands go out to touch you
But you’re just out of reach it seems.
For just a flash you appear
Standing close to me
Is it just my imagination
Or is it really you I see.
Even though you’re gone from me
And you watch me from above
I long for you everyday…
And I still feel your love.

Forever Brandon's Mom A Love so strong July 28, 2007
The special bond of
Mother and Child
is written with Love on
their hearts and souls
and makes them a part
of each other

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo HUGS FROM BRANDON~ July 5, 2007

When you feel a gentle breeze
Caress you when you sigh
It's a hug sent from Brandon,
From Heaven way up high.

If a soft and tender raindrop
Lands upon your nose
Brandon added a small kiss
As fragile as a rose.

If a song you hear fills you
With a feeling of sweet love
It's a hug sent from Heaven
From our special Angel up above.

If you awaken in the morning
To a bluebird's chirping song
It's music sent from Heaven
To cheer you all day long.

If tiny little snowflakes
Land upon your face
It's a hug sent from Heaven
Trimmed with Angel Lace

So keep Brandon's memory alive, and hug him everyday. Always feel his warmth and love, and remember, Hugs that are sent from Heaven
A broken heart will mend.

Remembering you daily
with smiles on our faces~
and tears in our hearts

Rest in peace sweet angel
All our love always,

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo A FACE IN THE CLOUDS July 5, 2007

 I looked towards the sky today
and for a moment saw your face
And wondered just where you have gone
with a hope it's a better place
Did you show yourself to me today
to tell me you're alright?
Or was it just a daydream
playing tricks upon my sight
Then I thought of when you left
you did not say a word
No hugs and kisses ...
no good-bye was heard
You have changed our lives forever
Your time here not in vain
and hope you know we always tried
to keep you safe from pain
We will always feel the void inside
because you are not here
But each new thought you send our way
let's us know you're always near
So until our journey nears it's end
And we hear the Angels sing
We'll face each new day as it comes
and live off the love you bring

Remembering you daily

with smiles on our faces~

and tears in our hearts



We will love and miss you forever!

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo Missing Brandon! July 4, 2007



Like a flower still blooming,

you live in our hearts.


Like a candle still glowing,

you exist in our minds.


Like the very air we breathe in,

we can never do without you.


And just like a beautiful melody

you are our never-ending song,


a sweet serenade, muted on earth,

but loudly heard by our souls.


And as we face this mountain of grief,

our tears become a fountain of love,


soaring high into the heavens,

arms stretched to embrace you!


Brandon- We all miss you so very much! Our family has been forever changed, and nothing will be the same again without you in our lives. We think about you everyday. The memories of our times together are joyous ones, and always bring smiles to our faces. We treasure every precious moment that we shared with you!  You were always so gentle and kind. We have to believe that God has a greater plan for you in Heaven! We pray that someday we will understand why you were chosen to leave us. Our hearts ache and our minds are in a state of confusion. We love and miss you Brandon!  You will remain with us always, for you live within our hearts!


Remembering you daily

with smiles on our faces~

and tears in our hearts.


Rest In Peace Sweet Angel~

All our love always,

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo Always on our minds! July 4, 2007

Brandon- We will forever cherish every moment that we shared with you. Your warm smile and gentle nature always inspired us. We were always proud of all your successful accomplishments in your life. We will always remember the Thanksgiving dinner party that you and Nate hosted for your Mom, Uncle Leo & I. That was one of the BEST Thanksgiving dinners that we have ever had. You were such an awesome host. We miss and love you so very much! You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. When we are feeling sad and lonely we have to stop and remind ourselves that you are not gone,  for you live within our hearts! God Bless you Brandon Tyler!

Thinking of you daily

with smiles on our faces~

and tears in our hearts

Remembering and loving you always-

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo If tears could build a stairway July 3, 2007



If tears could build a stairway
And memories were a lane
We would walk right up to Heaven
And bring you back again

No farewell words were spoken
No time to say goodbye
You were gone before we knew it
And only God knows why

Our hearts still ache in sadness
And secret tears still flow
What it meant to lose you
No on will ever know

But know we know you want us
To mourn for you no more
To remember all the happy times
Life still has much in store

Since you’ll never be forgotten
We pledge to you today
A hallowed place within our hearts
Is where you’ll always stay

Remembering and loving you always Brandon Tyler

Rest In Peace our sweet Angel~

We remind ourselves everyday that you are not gone, for you live within our hearts!


With all our love always- Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo Remember Brandon Tyler! July 3, 2007

Remember Me

To the living I am gone
To the sorrowful, I will never return
To the angry, I was cheated.
But to the happy, I am at peace
And to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot speak, but I can listen
I cannot be seen, but I can be heard.
So, as you stand upon a shore,
Gazing at a beautiful sea-
Remember me.
As you look in awe at a mighty forest
And its grand majesty
Remember me.
Remember me in your heart,
Your thoughts and your memories
Of the times we cried,
The times we fought,
The times we laughed,
For if you always think of me,
I will never be gone from your side.


We will remember you always sweet Angel

Rest In Peace


Thinking of you daily

with a smile on our faces~

and tears in our hearts


Love Always- Aunt Sheryl & Uncle Leo

Aunt Sheryl Missing You! July 3, 2007

Brandon- I think about you everyday and continue to pray that you are at peace. We all love and miss you so very much. We will remember you always! You always brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. We are all still struggling to accept that we will never see your beautiful smile or hear your soft voice again. My heart continues to ache and I don't think that the heartache will ever go away. Please watch over us and know that you are with us always, for you live within our hearts! God Bless You Brandon Tyler!


Thinking of you daily

with a smile on my face~

and tears in my heart


Love Always- Aunt Sheryl

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